Thursday, November 3, 2011

these cute people and giving thanks.

Fall is here!

this is bryant & brookelyn. it was their two year dating anniversary. so sweet. they were so much fun to take pictures of! 

This is the season to give thanks, be with family, and eat a lot of yummy food. I love holidays! So, this month I'm going to follow suit after my good friend Lesley over at In Every Season and in each week of November I will list something I am thankful for! 

I'm thankful for gorgeous weather and beautiful colors! God is so good. He gives us beautiful gifts in all seasons and I especially love seeing all the leaves change colors. I could just sit and stare at all the bright red and yellow tree top out there all day long. And sometimes I get distracted while driving. I end up looking at the gorgeous leaves when I should be concentrating on the road...oops!
Can't say I'm quite as fond of the freezing cold rain, sleet, snow, and ice that comes afterward, but I do have a major exciting thing happening in the middle of  this coming winter, so on the contrary, I can't wait for it to get here.  

That's another thing I'm thankful for, but I will save that for a post next week!

What are you thankful for?


lesley said...

pretty pictures! i'm thankful for you! :)

Jamie said...

How sweet to have pictures taken on a dating anniversary. <3 I'm SO thankful for all the beauty God gives us in the world. I find a new "favorite" tree to look at every single day. =]

carlotta said...

love these -- so sweet!