Monday, March 26, 2012

kitchen time - more close ups

Happy Monday! I'm pretty excited about my Monday. Yes, I do have to work, here in about 45 minutes...bleh. But! I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. So, its kind of like I get another weekend starting at 10 pm tonight. Although, I will probably be conked out on the couch by 10:30...partay!

Well, continuing on in the little house tour, today I am sharing photos of our kitchen. Its sort of all one big room connected with our living room, which I absolutely love. Its so nice to have one giant room. Great for lots of company. We need to have people over more often. Dinner tonight anyone? 

We have a thing for old stuff. Its pretty obvious, I'm sure. We have a little space above our cabinets that is just a perfect spot to display some of it! This picture above is showing some of it. 

And just another goofy picture for you! Love that boy. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

living room tour - close ups

 The gas mask was a gift to Isaac from Brian, his brother in law...I thought he was mostly being goofy when he put it up there, and then, well,  it just never came down. Welp, okay!
 My dried wedding bouquet.

 Fuzzy rug!

 A few rolls of film from our honeymoon.

Hey! Hope you guys enjoyed a little preview of our living room area. Its pretty fun, I think. And it is ever changing too. Its such a fun, versatile space. We're so blessed to have such an awesome place to call home right now!
Have a great night!

Monday, March 19, 2012

up close

Haley and I moved into our cute lofty space in October of 2011 and things are still getting settled into place. Of course there was a little wedding a couple months ago, in which we received so many awesome gifts from so many amazing friends and family. So needless to say, between piles of wedding gifts and moving in all of Isaac's belongings, there has been much more organizing and settling in to do.

We're finally getting everything settled into place and looking the way we want it to, so over the next few days/weeks, I'm going to share little close ups of our home. This project has also been inspired by my new 50mm lens. Eee! Its such a fun little lens and takes such dreamy pictures. 

Today's close ups are of my oh-so-chocolate-y breakfast and a few of our plants. Since we don't have any pets to take pictures of yet, the next best living thing are our plants. Maybe we need to get a fish.

Mmm. It tasted as good as it looks! And it seems like a 10 second timer picture always slips in there somehow... I am pretty excited about my new comfy dress from target!

I was pretty bummed when I accidentally whacked my plant and these little guys fell off. So I just planted them back into the soil and I actually saw some little tiny green sprouts coming up this morning! Sadness be gone.

Hope you are having a lovely Monday! More house photos to come this week. And hopefully wedding pictures soon too!