Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas time

 christmas happy things:

getting married in a month
making a ton of paper snowflakes
spending time with family
christmassy photos
franz family band at the Hub's christmas party
wrapping gifts
more lights

This past weekend, Isaac and I got a couple more engagement photos taken by our friend Danny Wood. He's great. Here's a sneak peek.

That Isaac boy is pretty cute.

Saturday was a day for pictures. I had a photo shoot in the morning, our engagement photos after that, and then I shot some more photos of these adorable people!

Tis the season! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

a little late, but still giving thanks

Ok, so we're two days into December already and Christmas decorations and trees and lights are going up everywhere, but just rewind with me a couple days backward into November. The month of giving thanks. Thanksgiving weekend was such a great time. I think what makes it so special is being with family. I am so grateful and thankful for my family. Words can't really describe how important they are and how much love is felt when we're all together. 

Just like every other year, we sat down at the table, with loads of food surrounding us, and we went around the table and said one thing we were thankful for. Ok, I don't know about you, but these kind of things always make me all weepy-eyed, dang it! Isaac went right before me (it was his first year with my family for thanksgiving) and he said how he was thankful for his new family. You can guess what started happening in these tear ducts of mine. Yeah. I lost it. It was my turn to say something now. But I gained some control and started the pep-talk in my head, "you can do this, don't cry, just say it with confidence." So, I opened my mouth and said that I was so thankful for my soon-to-be husband...cue even bigger tears. Geez! I don't know what it is about sharing those special things with one another, but for some reason (probably inherited from my mother) my emotions just like to spill out everywhere. Mostly through the eyeballs. 

Since I'm talking about my family, here are some pictures of them!

And I love my new side of the family so much too!

I'm so thankful for family and I love them so much! 

I look forward to starting my own family with Isaac only seven weeks from tomorrow!!!

Thank you for going back to November with me for a few moments. Christmas, fun December things are coming next!