Thursday, June 28, 2012

thrifty thursday!

A lot of good finds this week! We hit up some new flea markets, old lady garage sales, and the dollar store. That counts as thrifting, right? Okay, maybe just being thrifty. I don't know. I'm counting it. 
In order of appearance from top to bottom: 
Super cute vintage juice glasses: gift from sister in law, suitcase: gift from my friend, Ali, trunk: garage sale steal ($25). Which, by the way, used to be owned by one of Springfield's most famous artists, Robert E. Smith. See all that paint? He used to mix his paint right there! So dope (Isaac uses that phrase often).
 Old yard sticks. I needed them. Don't know why yet, but I did. ($2.50)
 Green leather duffle ($5) and pale green camping mug ($2). Two hoo-rahs for cool colors.
Isaac also snatched this up while at a garage sale. Flower pattern grandma chair for our reading corner ($5).
 This is where the dollar store comes in. See, I was shopping for some gift bags and well, then there was this cute hat sitting there. It was a dollar. One. Dollar. What else was I supposed to do? Not buy it? Pffff.

 Purse: thrifted ($1), scarf: gift from sister in law. She's the best. 

happy thrift-ventures!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

baby mango

Baby is the size of a little mango at 22 weeks. So cute! Stephanie has to be one of the most gorgeous pregnant ladies ever. Love taking pictures of her! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

before my camera died

My poor little 40D pooped out on me, so it took a little trip to the canon factory where they gladly fixed it for me for a small little fee. Oh wait, actually kind of a big fee. But thank goodness Isaac and I had a few extra bones to spare because I really don't like being with out the thing. Little camera will be back safe and sound to me in just a few days. These are some shots I got on our trip to Hermann right before I saw the dreadful yellow blinking triangle message:

They have a great farmer's market up there and those veggies made for a delicious dinner later that evening. Also, this is my husband, Isaac and his sister, Anna when they were little. Adorable!