Wednesday, August 24, 2011

our boys ride penny farthings at state fairs

i wanted to ride one too...maybe next year. keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

making clothes is fun. new pregnant bellies are fun.

you guys. i'm stoked. just made a shirt last night. from scratch. its the cutest. and katy helped me. a lot. hopefully this will be the start of many new sewing projects to come! 
thanks, katy!!

oh! and she helped me make a skirt too! with the same fabric. but i won't wear them together. promise. 

I'm so excited for another 9 months of baby belly shots! My friend Ashten just found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago. And she's 11 weeks so far! I've known her and her husband Jacob since we were in elementary school...I had a crush on Jacob in first grade...when he had a bowl cut...and then in sixth grade apparently Ashten wrote me a note and asked to be my friend, but I didn't write her back...whoops...but then a few years later we became the best of friends. And then she and Jacob fell in love in high school (a little history for you). Anyway, SO excited for them! 

No bump yet, but we wanted to see the before and after, so here she is!

yay for babies and making things :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

a pregnancy: lesley & baby ellie

These past nine months have been so exciting getting to see one of my best friends start this new chapter in her life! As soon as she told me she was pregnant, I asked if she would be a model for me through out her pregnancy. She said of course! So here it is: the ever-changing baby bump of Lesley and baby Ellie!

 15 weeks

 17 weeks 

 19 weeks 

 27 weeks

 35 weeks

 39 weeks

...and then a few days after the due date...

the beautiful, Ellie Reese Gordon.

So tiny and precious! 

You can read the full birth story from Lesley right here.