Thursday, March 31, 2011

stripe on stripe


...I'm loving stripes. And wishing my belt was long enough to actually buckle...I know you can't really tell in these pictures, but its barely hangin on. Also, gotta love the bubble mirror.

yesterday... was freaking cold! Had to pull out the wool socks and hat again. geez! 

Some products I'm loving right now:

First of all, Burt's is the best. My favorite shade is nutmeg, but right now I'm wearing this summer pink color, peony. looove it.

And secondly, because of my decision to stay away from tanning beds and excessive sunlight (because I'm fair, freckled, and don't wanna get cancer), I'm trying this Jergens Natural Glow. This is only my third day using it, so I'm not really sure if I'm much glow-y-er yet, but I'll keep you posted. 

Off to take the boy some lunch at work, do some crocheting on a baby blanket for a special friend, and maybe drop into some thrift stores. 

READ THIS! Such a good reminder for me when I get into my little selfish fits and bad moods...

"Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life."
Philippians 2:14-16

 I hope you are encouraged by that today!

wishing for warm sun

These were taken by me last summer while the boys played bike polo. Oh summertime, hurry up and get here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

an overload of photos from this week

ready, set, go!

I had the privilege of taking this young man's senior portraits this week. Fun!

Also, is anyone else loving fishtail braids right now?? Cause I am!

mostly sloppy ones like this...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

i love my family

On Thursday, my brother and I went shopping for my dad's birthday present at Bass Pro. Not that he's a huge outdoorsy kind of guy, we just wanted something different than the average present. So we picked out a barbeque sauce set that came with a nice little brush. It was pretty cute. Or, manly I mean. 

Afterward, Kyle forced me into trimming his hair. His hair does get really bushy really quickly. So, we did that and then I took his picture because it was so pretty outside and that freakin awesome VW was parked on the street. Perfect backdrop. And then he took my picture too. Cause I really liked the sweater I was wearing!

Here's our little photo shoot.

Then he asked me if I was gonna blog about him. And I said, actually that's a great idea!

So this is him making fun of me and pretend blogging.

Had to save the best picture for last...

Kyle's (creepy) senior portrait of the day.

He's a great brother. Always making me laugh. We have so much fun together and I love him (even though he used to tackle me and beat me up when we were little)!

The whole family:

My lovely cousin Ali took this photo. She's an amazing photographer! Seriously. Gorgeous photos. You can go check out more of her work here. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Things I'm loving right now...

that I'm sun bathing in my front yard on a windy March day (st. patrick's to be exact) and I am unashamed even though the mailman just walked by and its a little awkward.
that it's freaking gorgeous outside.
that I'm going to New York City next month with my ballet company to perform on Times Square.
that I have freckles. I used to hate them. Now I don't.
that I have the most awesome boyfriend ever who has a really big beard.
that there are pretty, yellow bushes all up and down my street and they are beautiful!
that my God is so faithful. 
that lady bugs are sitting with me while I'm tanning. Yes. 

P.s. The garbage disposal guys just drove by too. Double awkward. 

Things I'm not loving right now...

that my legs are bleeding in three different places from shaving with a razor that was actually sharp. 
that the grass is still a little dried out from the winter and its pokey. Ouch.
that I have to wash my hair tomorrow. I hate washing my hair. 
that I'm as white as a ghost (that will be different in about 2 hours hopefully).
that I have to work. Why can't we all just hang out and have fun and not work?! 

P.s. Neighbor guy just walked by. Triple awkward. Maybe I'll move to the back yard. 

Hey, if you guys wanna see the dances we're performing in New York, go here and here. They're a lot of fun! I'm the little short one with red hair. If you couldn't tell. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

cooking with boy and good night!

Heyyyy!! Spring fever, I have. And guess what. Tonight we spring forward an hour! Not so excited about the losing an hour of sleep part (I should go to sleep), but oh so excited about it staying light outside for longer in the evening. Oh summer, how I love you! 

Boy and I cooked some yummy dinner the other night. We documented and here tis.

Mmm. It was delish. Thank you Isaac for always doing the hard cooking... mostly all of the cooking... I love you.

Good night, friends. Let me leave you with this wonderfulness: lovely face and big ole hair that hasn't been washed in probably more days than you want to know.

p.s. Jeremy Larson's cd release show tonight was ah. mazing. end of story. check him out here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

lesley and millie and baby.

And another week rolls around! Her little belly is getting bigger and cuter every day. Lesley is one of the most adorable pregnant women I've ever seen! Go check out her blog to read more about her pregnancy.

There's kind of an overload of photos this week. There were just too many cute ones! 

Millie was feeling a little left out, so I took her picture too!

Happy friday!