Thursday, March 17, 2011


Things I'm loving right now...

that I'm sun bathing in my front yard on a windy March day (st. patrick's to be exact) and I am unashamed even though the mailman just walked by and its a little awkward.
that it's freaking gorgeous outside.
that I'm going to New York City next month with my ballet company to perform on Times Square.
that I have freckles. I used to hate them. Now I don't.
that I have the most awesome boyfriend ever who has a really big beard.
that there are pretty, yellow bushes all up and down my street and they are beautiful!
that my God is so faithful. 
that lady bugs are sitting with me while I'm tanning. Yes. 

P.s. The garbage disposal guys just drove by too. Double awkward. 

Things I'm not loving right now...

that my legs are bleeding in three different places from shaving with a razor that was actually sharp. 
that the grass is still a little dried out from the winter and its pokey. Ouch.
that I have to wash my hair tomorrow. I hate washing my hair. 
that I'm as white as a ghost (that will be different in about 2 hours hopefully).
that I have to work. Why can't we all just hang out and have fun and not work?! 

P.s. Neighbor guy just walked by. Triple awkward. Maybe I'll move to the back yard. 

Hey, if you guys wanna see the dances we're performing in New York, go here and here. They're a lot of fun! I'm the little short one with red hair. If you couldn't tell. 


lesley gordon said...

you are so funny. we'll spend many days at the pool this summer... deal?

It's me, Jamie said...

Ahhh. I love your new dances!! especially the more upbeat one. I wish I could come to NY with you and see them in person... sneak me in your luggage?!