Saturday, March 12, 2011

cooking with boy and good night!

Heyyyy!! Spring fever, I have. And guess what. Tonight we spring forward an hour! Not so excited about the losing an hour of sleep part (I should go to sleep), but oh so excited about it staying light outside for longer in the evening. Oh summer, how I love you! 

Boy and I cooked some yummy dinner the other night. We documented and here tis.

Mmm. It was delish. Thank you Isaac for always doing the hard cooking... mostly all of the cooking... I love you.

Good night, friends. Let me leave you with this wonderfulness: lovely face and big ole hair that hasn't been washed in probably more days than you want to know.

p.s. Jeremy Larson's cd release show tonight was ah. mazing. end of story. check him out here.

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