Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas time

 christmas happy things:

getting married in a month
making a ton of paper snowflakes
spending time with family
christmassy photos
franz family band at the Hub's christmas party
wrapping gifts
more lights

This past weekend, Isaac and I got a couple more engagement photos taken by our friend Danny Wood. He's great. Here's a sneak peek.

That Isaac boy is pretty cute.

Saturday was a day for pictures. I had a photo shoot in the morning, our engagement photos after that, and then I shot some more photos of these adorable people!

Tis the season! 


monster cakes said...

These are so beautiful! Love me some winter weddings (mine was during Feb. and it snowed!). Soak up the engagement joy my friend. It's a special special time.

NeedleandTwine said...

Oh my goodness! You're getting married in a month! So close! Im so happy for you guys! Cute photos!