Monday, March 26, 2012

kitchen time - more close ups

Happy Monday! I'm pretty excited about my Monday. Yes, I do have to work, here in about 45 minutes...bleh. But! I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. So, its kind of like I get another weekend starting at 10 pm tonight. Although, I will probably be conked out on the couch by 10:30...partay!

Well, continuing on in the little house tour, today I am sharing photos of our kitchen. Its sort of all one big room connected with our living room, which I absolutely love. Its so nice to have one giant room. Great for lots of company. We need to have people over more often. Dinner tonight anyone? 

We have a thing for old stuff. Its pretty obvious, I'm sure. We have a little space above our cabinets that is just a perfect spot to display some of it! This picture above is showing some of it. 

And just another goofy picture for you! Love that boy. 

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