Tuesday, March 20, 2012

living room tour - close ups

 The gas mask was a gift to Isaac from Brian, his brother in law...I thought he was mostly being goofy when he put it up there, and then, well,  it just never came down. Welp, okay!
 My dried wedding bouquet.

 Fuzzy rug!

 A few rolls of film from our honeymoon.

Hey! Hope you guys enjoyed a little preview of our living room area. Its pretty fun, I think. And it is ever changing too. Its such a fun, versatile space. We're so blessed to have such an awesome place to call home right now!
Have a great night!


Haley said...

you're the prettiest roommate! i love our home so much!

Amanda Rose said...

I love the bicycle book-ends. It is so quirky. Beautiful home.

Amanda Rose