Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new apartment...again!

Here are a few little peeks at our new apartment! We moved in the last week of October and we're absolutely in love with it. Definitely a huge thing to be thankful for! I still wake up sometimes and look around and think, "wow, is this real life??" 

 These are just small pieces of the puzzle, but there will be oh, so many more photos to come. I'm also so thankful for this space because it doubles as a photography studio! There is so much natural light, its insane. Here are a few photos from my first official shoot inside: 

Isn't she adorable?! 

So thankful for such a beautiful place to live and work!


Haley said...

oh my gosh, that last one is too cute!
such a good idea.

NeedleandTwine said...

What a great space! So cute. Do you live in a loft downtown?

lydia. said...

it looks so great in there!
wish my house had such lovely natural light.
jeeealousss. : ) haha.
also, loving that green chair! : )

Anna said...

thanks, guys!

Yes, Lindsay, I live in the Boonville lofts downtown. :) Love them!