Saturday, May 7, 2011

loving this day

Oh its so beautiful outside! My ballet company danced today at Artsfest on Walnut street on an outside stage. It was so awesome! We've done this for about three years now, but it seems like it has rained on us almost every time we dance. Big bummer! But today...ahh-mazing! We've got one more performance tomorrow afternoon, so if you're a Springfield dweller, come out and watch! 

Also this morning I had some free time (free time?! what?!) to just hang at my house and relax. But sometimes I don't think my body knows how to relax. Its always go go go! So, needless to say, I did not relax. I cleaned. And organized. And decorated. Now that's my kind of fun. The mantel got a little sprucing up and here is the result:

I'm pretty pumped about it!

Just gotta share with you this awesome dress too... It was my mom's dress from the 70's and I LOVE IT!! I wear it ALL the time. I don't have a picture of my mom, but since this dress came from her, I'm gonna say a little early Happy Mother's Day. I love you mom! 


Colby Kern said...

I totally saw you dancing at artsfest :] *creeper smile* hahaha

Beka said...

really love that dress!
sadly, i don't think my mom has anything from those decades that i'd like to wear... shoot. :P