Friday, May 6, 2011

fish sandwiches and funtiques

Baby's are everywhere! Or, maybe not everywhere yet, just inside the bellies of a lot of my friends. Its so weird...there are little humans inside of them. But its so awesome at the same time! I love watching my friends during the process of becoming a mother. I'm taking notes for later. Lesley (she's a pregnant one) and I got to hang out yesterday. We enjoyed fish fillets at Wendy's and went flea market shopping. It was a good day. 

Definitely visited Red Velvet too. Always an inspiration.

She asked me to help decorate baby Ellie's room soon. So stoked! 


Beka said...

that's exciting--my best friend (6 hrs away) wants me to come down and help her decorate the smallish cabin her and her husband are moving into sometime the end of this year.
pretty stoked....only con: can't paint the place because it's not their home for long. :P

Leandra Williams said...

Oh my! Where in the world is that beautiful thrift store from last few pictures??? I've been searching everywhere for hanging lamps, and i spotted three of them in those pictures! Haha.