Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey bloggers who have macs, HELP!!

Do you ever try to upload photos and it says, "server rejected???" Cause that's what mine is saying! And its been doing that for like two weeks now. That's why I haven't shared any sweeeeeeet photos lately...I have a lot of them. If anyone has any advice, I would LOVE to hear it. I've tried shutting my computer down and everything...don't know what's going on.



beka said...

i don't have a mac, but i have had that happen to me...."server rejected" .....but not for that kind of extended length of time. :( i'm sorry for that problem!
for me, it was either because i'd run out of the free space on blogger and had to buy 20gb/1 year for $5...quick and easy transaction.... or else, it was my internet connection.
hope something works out for you soon!

Anna Lee said...

I got it to work finally! Ha, thanks for commenting!! :)