Tuesday, May 17, 2011

oh my goodness, its working!

Well hey guys. I'm back from my two-week blog hibernation. My computer didn't like me very much for a while, but now we're friends again, so here I am and I've got lots to show you!  

These are just random funs from a couple weeks ago! I like owls (incase you haven't figured that out already) and my friend, Jamie got this green guy for me at a flea market. I was SO stoked. I love him. 

Everyone, meet Penelope. For the second or third or fourth time...My camera just won't stay away from her! And she's a great model, so it works well.



Jamie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. And I absolutely love your knick knack shelves. =]


Casey Bovee said...

I love your wallpaper very much. And your bubble mirror!!!