Saturday, February 5, 2011

today is...

"Sometimes I make things" Saturday!

Ok y'all, every Saturday I will be posting a few things that I have hand-crafted myself and share them with you!

I may even throw in a few "DIY's" here and there too (oo la la!).

Today, I am sharing with you my hair accessory collection. This pile in
my room is ever-growing and I'm sure I'll have more in the near future
to show you!

Bows! Who doesn't love bows?? Big and small, they're all good, and great for feeling extra girly.

This is my "turban" headband. I got the lovely idea from the amazing Elsie of Red Velvet. Seriously, she's so inspiring. Go look at her page!

Crocheted, ear-warmer headband. Its been so great for winter! I've made a few other ones with bows too. Sooooo fun!

I would love to see what YOU have made lately. Send me your link!

P.S. Boyfriend took the photos. He's so helpful. And a craftser himself! Go take a look at his works of wonder. He also has an etsy so you can purchase all of his wonderful things!

Happy Saturday


lesley gordon said...

i want some pretty bows! oh, and we should take my pictures at your place... i think the light is better. what you think?

Anna Lee said...

ok we can try it! i can't wait! :)