Sunday, February 6, 2011

friends and food

Isaac and I love our friends Brittany and Jason so much! They are awesome people, the greatest parents to the cutest little Penelope, own the BEST coffee shop in town (seriously, go there tomorrow!), and are amazing cooks! This is the documenting from our chili "cook-off-not-really-cook-off-because-we-weren't-competing" on Friday night.

Somehow though, I didn't get any photos of the chili. I don't know how that happened. Actually yes i do. I was too busy stuffing my face with it! But i did get some of the fabulous kettle corn jason made! Mmmmmm!!

must have been an intense story!

Boys' turn to cook! They're really good at it. Better than me...

They wanted to compare their profiles...we weren't bored, i promise.

There goes Brittany, always talking with her hands!

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lesley gordon said...

so this post kinda makes me miss that kitchen... well not that one, but ours in that building.

it's now my goal to comment on every single post. keep it up, i think this one is gonna stick.... someday we'll be friends again (just kidding, we're still friends) and i can know what's going on with you without having to check your blog.