Saturday, February 12, 2011

sometimes I make things Saturday!

Hey hey! This is the second weekly "sometimes I make things" Saturday. Pretty much a tradition of old by now. 

A couple of these things I've made are more like re-styles rather than making from scratch. I'm a big fan of doing that! And I've been really inspired by Elsie and Rachel's Project Re-style they've got going on these last few weeks! You should go check it out. 

Old lady skirt turned into cute, little skirt!

 This was a giant, boxy 80's shirt, but I just sewed up the sides and rolled the sleeves up, and wah-lah! 

This, my friends, is the first piece of clothing I've made from scratch! Yay for easy dresses!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


leeleelark said...

That dress is so cute!

Leandra Williams said...

Such an adorable style you have!

Chelsea said...

I love your blog, your adorable fashion and your photos.
I would love to feature your blog on my weekly surf. I usually post weekly surfs on fridays. They're a collection of internet cute-ness and things that interest me throughout the week.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my 2nd now, so it will be so so fun to follow your blog and your pregnancy!