Thursday, February 10, 2011

lesley is 15 weeks!

Got to take pictures of my friend, Lesley today! She's 15 weeks and starting to show a little bit. So stinkin cute!


Jamie said...

You are both just lovely! =] following you! <3

Paige said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Lesley is a blog friend of mine :)
Do you mind if I ask what's in your bag? It looks like you are shooting full frame but I am not sure. Canon or Nikon, and what model? The pictures are beautiful!!

{the future mrs.t} said...

So cute!! The bump has definitely gotten bigger!

Beka said...

love love it! beautiful captures, dear.
they're all lovely--what a sweet friend:)

Anna Lee said...

thanks, guys!

Paige: I don't mind at all! I shoot with a Canon 40D, so not full frame. I wish! Hopefully someday. :)

Chelsea said...

aw shoot. i JUST realized the pregnant girl is not you, you have red hair!

I'm such a dumb dumb. You're quite adorable anyway and I'm still going to follow the crap out of your blog!


Anna Lee said...

haha, thanks chelsea!!