Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fun hair and vintage finds and i'm at work!

Hi! I just wanted to share with you my "human hair, hair tie." Pretty rad, huh? I'm pumped about it.

So guyyyys, posting from work today. Its a little slow on this snowy day. I don't mind it. Come do the visits at me? Ok, good (Fog City Coffee, 1300 East Battlefield).

As a continuation from yesterday's post, here are some of my most favoritist thrift store finds from the last few weeks/months.

Little deer planter. I need to put a plant in it. But I'm a plant killer. Maybe a cactus?

Cutest, green clipboard. Ever.

I so feel like a 50's housewife when I use this adorable, pink iron. And I may or may not dress up in a polka dot dress and high heels when I use it...

Betty Crocker rocks!

This recipe box is full of the most awesome, old Betty Crocker recipe cards.

Not sure I'll actually use the recipes, but the boyfriend had a great idea to use them as thank you cards or happy birthday cards or just any kind of card! Isn't that an awesome idea?? Yeah, it totally is. Give me your address.

This owl penny jar didn't come from a thrift store, it came from my precious great-grandmother, Jewel Hart. Is that not the cutest name you've ever heard?? Oh I just love this little thing.

Best sewing machine ever. Wanna know what makes it so great? $12. Yeah.

I suppose I don't have to explain ever little picture. But apparently I'm going to.

I love old pictures and picture frames!

Cutest, 70's make-up bag. Love it!

Whoops! Not an antique. At all.

But this little spinny thing is! I think its so much cuter than the standard "k-cup" holder. And cheaper. Did I mention I like cheap?


Anna Rae said...

Anna! I am loving all your finds! Wish I could visit you in your coffee shop and we could chat about the snow!

Beka said...

ha, this is an adorable post:)
love it all!!

lesley gordon said...

you never broke out the polka dot dress and heels when i lived there! we so should have become more domesticated in that year. oh and i want your long, pretty hair.

Needle & Twine said...

Those are amazing finds! Love the clipboard, and deer plant holder! And your human hair tie. Loves it.

Anna Lee said...

thanks everyone! love you guys!! :)