Wednesday, February 16, 2011

its been a while.

I'm still trying to get in the habit of blogging's not quite happening. Yet. But the day will come!

This was yesterday's outfit, inspired by the lovely spring weather! These are all pieces of clothing I've had for a while. And those boots? Well, I forgot I had them. Yep. I do that sometimes. Its like going shopping except not spending any money! Hooray!

Thought I'd give a shot at a different hair style today. This is what happened! I call it...The Wad.

Thank you to my lovely roommate Kourtney for the photos!

You GUYS. Last night, I did Hot Yoga. That's right. Burning, sweating, dripping in a 105 degree room. So sweaty that your yoga mat gets slippery (gross). That's why they tell you to bring a towel with you. Oh man. It was a great experience and I'm definitely going back next week. Yeeeeaaah!

My friend Jamie, Courtney and I tried it out together. Before it started, Jamie and I got all decked out in our little capri leggings and tight tank tops, hair in a messy bun on the top of our heads with headbands. We even re-painted our toenails. It was a big deal. I encourage ALL of you to go try it. So refreshing!

Hope your week is going wonderfully!

 Oh, and here's some goofiness from Valentine's day with the boyfriend:


Needle & Twine said...

I love your looong hair! Mine is getting there. Your hair is so red and goooorgeous. ;)
Favorite photo=2 on 1 bike.

monster cakes said...

You are seriously too cute. AND I love Jesus too! Yey! I love meeting and supporting other Christian bloggers. Consider me a follower girl! xo

Beka said...

those are awesome mirror pictures!
you're adorable:)

Anna Lee said...

thank you so much you guys!

monster cakes: I love meeting Christian bloggers too! So encouraging! I also love your blog! You're so adorable. And i looovvvee your hair cut. so cute!

kylee said...

can i please just tell you that i think you are gorgeous & that your style is amazing. alsoooo that last pic of you and the boyfriend on the bike is amazingly cute.