Friday, February 18, 2011

spring cleaning!

This weather has been so stinking amazing these last few days. I'm in love. And in cleaning mode. Yes! Got a lot of dusting done today. Much needed...much. Ceiling fan, I'll get to you next.

Have you done any spring cleaning yet?! Its such a good feeling. Almost therapeutic. Love it!

 Guys, I'm being totally serious in this next picture. Dusting is no joke. 

Couldn't pass this up. Mr. Marble is too cute (sometimes). 

And a special thanks to my lovely friend, Lesley for featuring me on her blog today. She's such a beautiful girl, used to be the best roommate, has the cutest little pregnant belly ever, and is an awesome friend. We like eating sushi at lunch time, thrifting together, talking about blogs we love and sharing new crafty ideas with one another. So fun! Here are some our greatest memories together.

Love you!


Dana-v said...

I don't even know how I found your blog, but I love it. You are entertaining. That dusting pic was excellent.

lesley gordon said...

anna! you are hilarious...i love your dusting photo! we have some pretty good memories... we look so young. love you!