Thursday, May 10, 2012

super duper easy and fun bracelet! // DIY

 I bought both the small strand of leather and the gold rings from hobby lobby. I'm sure you could find similar things at michael's, walmart, or any craft store!
 1. Fold your leather in half.
 2. Measure it over your wrist to see how long you need to make it. Make sure to leave plenty of room for knot tying! 
 3. Start sliding the gold rings onto the looped side of the leather. Add as many as your heart desires!
4. Once you've reach your perfect amount of golden, tie knots on either end of the rings to hold them in place. 
5. Wear, love and enjoy! 

I just tied the loose ends together, slipped that end through the loop on the other side and wrapped it around my wrist again to add a little more of a leathery look. But you can fasten it however you like!
Have fun making yours!


Melinda Babb said...

super cute!! I'll have to try it!


Amanda Rose said...

This is so cute, i love it!

Amanda Rose