Wednesday, May 9, 2012

junk yard modeling, duh.

dress: old navy, sweatshirt: forever21, belt: thirfted, earrings: gift from africa, shoes: old navy

Yesterday morning consisted of sleeping in, husband making breakfast while I put my face on, going to some thrift shops, and to this antique junk yard (if that's even a term). There was some pretty cool stuff there but it's always a little on the pricey side. We like our steals. This was not a place for steals. This was a place for accurately priced, really popular antiques. 

On a different note, I'm really liking this pink lipstick right now. Baby lips from Maybeline is where its at! 



Amanda Rose said...

I like that lipstick color on you! Steals are my thing, too. Your outfit is cute, too.

Amanda Rose

Casey Bovee said...

Is this the place on Glenstone? My mom and I always stop by there, but are always immediately disappointed because of the prices! I am so glad it is thrifiting weather again, last weekend a found a really cute book shelf for 12! Can't wait to paint it. :)