Thursday, March 1, 2012

thrifty thursday // weekly round up

We found a few items this week that we are pretty excited about! Cute little camera in nearly perfect condition, a Jesus bust, books and more books, a fun skirt, and awesome boots from the sweetest lady named Polly. 

This is Polly. She sells antiques at flea markets around town and she has a fondness for boots. She has shelves filled with the coolest cowboy boots you've ever seen. 

We ran into Polly at Mike's Unique Flea Market as she was doing some stocking and rearranging on her booth. We hit it off talking about antiques and boots. So I bought a super cute pair from her (for only $5!) and then we exchanged phone numbers. I hope we get to see her again soon!
 I want to hang out with her every day. 
Ok, we're not superstitious people. At all. But this book was kind of hilarious so we grabbed it. And I have the weirdest dreams ever. So, it fits.
And I gave Jesus a little make over.
This little table top might be one of my favorite spots in our house right now. 

 I'm pretty excited about this new skirt too. My new job will let us wear dresses and skirts as long as they are below the knee. That length isn't very common in my closet, but it will be before long. Hello to trying new things!

 Send me a link to all your thrifty finds for the week!

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Deidre Schad said...

Pink Jesus. Hmmmm..... Love you, cute niece!