Friday, March 16, 2012

summer time & babies

I can't believe this weather lately. I think I broke a sweat today outside...and its March. What's July going to feel like?? Oh dear. Just don't think about it. It will be great. 

I am rather excited about this nearing summer time though. Six of my friends, yes six, are having babies! Its going to be an exciting summer. Since I'm pretty excited about this whole baby thing, I want to share some pictures I took of an adorable couple who are expecting a little one soon!

These were taken back before Christmas, when we had a few seconds of cold air. Aren't they the cutest?

Isaac and I went out to Nathaniel Greene Park about a week ago and these are a few shots from that day. Summertime!

hat: thrifted, dress: my mom's from the 70's, cardigan: forever 21, glasses: Vintage Vice, bicycle: Linus

Last night we slept with all the windows open and it was so unbelievably amazing. Yay, warm weather! Have you noticed that summer has a certain smell? Well, I smelled it today.

Happy weekend!

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