Monday, March 7, 2011


I took a few photos of Lesley with her little baby bump a couple weeks ago. As soon as I found out about the baby, I told her she was going to be my pregnant-belly-photography experiment. We've had a lot of fun documenting that little bump. 

17 weeks

So cute!

Also lately, I snapped some pictures of the adorable Penelope. Love her!

I could take pictures of that little face all day long! 

One more thing. I got a pretty awesome shirt at Thrift Haven this weekend. Great find for only $1!

If you are a big thrifter, send me a link of your blog! I wanna see things that you find too!


lesley gordon said...

penelope is SO adorable! love you friend!

Beka said...

gosh, the pictures are beautiful!
i love the interior of that place--the hub. oh my. i'm dorking out.
i'd lot to thrift, but haven't gotten to for a long time... :P

Chelsea said...

a post of my favorite thrift store finds!

Those are gorgeous photos. your friend is just a week behind me in her pregnancy!