Saturday, March 5, 2011

dear green VW,

I wish you were mine. 

This is my gorgeous best friend, Jamie Marie Rupe (soon to be Thompson. yay!). She is the proud blogger of Becoming A Mrs

Go check her out! You'll love reading about her craftiness and getting ready for her wedding! She has some freaking awesome ideas for decorations. 

Today we trekked over to our neighbor's house to take pictures in front of this awesome green and white VW bus. 

...knock, knock...

(dogs barking)

...knock, knock, knock...

(dogs barking louder)

Thought it would be nice of us to ask before we just starting using their car as a prop.

But, no one was home!

Free ticket to freaking awesome picture background.

Here are some thrift store and flea market finds from these past couple weeks!

Happy weekend!

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