Thursday, October 4, 2012


1. an owl isaac made for me when we first started dating, because I was obsessed with owls
2. a picture of me with looonnng hair. i miss it
3. sister baby bumps. just the cutest
4. a stephanie baby bump. she just had her baby!
5&6. pictures i took at our loft before we moved
7. yummy things at stephanie's baby shower
8. a print i made to hang in our bedroom
9. our couch we got from craigslist that we love
10. a mirror shot of mah-self when the weather got cool enough to wear a sweater!

This 'bits+pieces' post idea came from one of my all time favorite blogs, Bleubird. Her photos are such an inspiration for me. And I like this blog post style. Sometimes some of my favorite photos get lost in the millions of archives on my computer, so this helps me get them out there to be shared and remembered. 

I want to see your 'bits+pieces' of life too! 

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