Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hold real still.

Isaac and I ventured out to the north east side of town a couple weeks ago when the meteor shower was happening. We saw a few, because we were a little too early for the main event, but mostly we had fun taking super long exposure pictures. And Isaac interrupts me as I type, HE took the long exposure pictures. He is very proud. So we tried to hold still for about twenty-five seconds at a time,  but we still look like ghosts a little bit. 
 It was a little chilly, but it was a fun little outing/date night event. And it was free! We're all about the free, fun things. I can't wait to do another star gazing adventure again. Oh, and we tried a kissing picture. I got the giggles about ten seconds into the exposure so we're kind of blurry. Apparently I can't kiss for twenty five seconds straight. I think I drooled a little. Ha. 


Leandra Williams said...

What fun fun pictures!! So adorable :)

Emily said...

so fun!