Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Those days

 when emotions spill out of every hole in your face

when you're happy and then you're sad for no reason

when you love your outfit one moment and then next you don't

when you get a hair cut and freak out because they styled it weird

when you just keep finding more excuses of why you're feeling (insert emotion here)

when your husband has enough grace and patience to deal with the ups and downs

...that was today. 
 shirt: thrifted, skirt: marshalls, belt: thrifted, bracelet: vintage vice, shoes: forever 21

"Huh-uh, self. Snap out of it!" 

1 comment:

Amanda Rose said...

This happens to me more than I would like! Except insert the word boyfriend instead. I love your outfit, though! The skirt is so cute. I'm borrowing these words and sharing them with my boyfriend. :)

Amanda Rose