Saturday, April 7, 2012

a pregnancy // 15 weeks!

My beautiful friend Stephanie is having a baby! It was a bit of a surprise to her and her husband, but they couldn't be happier! They are such a beautiful pair, and their little one is going to be absolutely gorgeous. 

Funny story. Stephanie and I were both in each other's weddings. She got married in October of last year and on the day before her wedding I told her that I was engaged to Isaac! It was such a fun feeling to be engaged the day before being in one of my best friend's wedding. Well, to follow suit, on the morning of my wedding as we were getting ready in my bathroom, she said, "I have something to tell you. You know how you told me that you were engaged the day before my wedding? Well, I have something to tell you before your wedding too. I'm pregnant!"

Ahhhhhh!! was my reaction, naturally. It was such a surreal moment. Like in the movies or something. Haha. I'm so happy for them and this exciting time in their lives! She asked me to take a series of pregnancy photos of her and I said duh! 

So this is the first one of her tiny, little bump. Its so sweet. And the baby is the size of an orange this week! How awesome is that? Here are a few more from our shoot yesterday morning.

Baby orange! Stayed tuned in to see if its a boy or a girl in just a few weeks! 

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