Sunday, April 29, 2012

a baby shower

We had a baby shower for our friend, Courtney today! It was so cute and I couldn't help but take a ton of pictures. Here are a few of them. 

 Brittany hosted the shower in her apartment, just down the hall from us! She did such a great job with the decorations and setting up the crafts!

 She can still reach her toes to paint them!
 We played a little game of themed. I'm sure you couldn't tell. 

 We made one-sies and headbands!

Tara brought her daughter, Adeline with her. Such a pretty baby! And of course I had to snap a few (zillion) shots of her.

So sweet. Tis the season for babies. 

Not for us. 




Amanda Rose said...

That is such a wonderful idea for the DIY onesies and headbands! What did you use to stick the fabric to the onesies?

Amanda Rose

Anna said...

Just fabric glue! Yeah it was so much fun!

Courtney... said...

The shower was so much fun! I loved it.