Thursday, November 17, 2011

this one

I don't even know where to begin with my thankfulness for him. He cracks me up on a daily basis. He loves the Lord. He gives godly advice. His wisdom blows my mind. He loves people. He is an amazing gift giver. He surprises me with little things all the time. He knows how to comfort me. He is a good teacher. He is patient with me. His creativity never ends. He encourages me in everything I do.
He is my best friend,
who is now my fiance,
and will become my husband in two months,
and for that I am thankful.

I'm thankful for you, Nathaniel Isaac Neale.
Anna Lee Kicker

(dang it. this became way more of a tear jerker than i intended. kleenex, please!)


Mama bear said...

You guys are so adorable and can I just say you are GORGEOUS! I am in love with your hair color too :) Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Tori said...

so lovely. congrats on engagement! what an exciting time in life : ) you guys are a beautiful couple. looking through your photos reminds me a lot of me & my love's relationship in that his hair has seen so many phases through it all! hahah

Jamie said...

Awwww! You two are so sweet! I love every single one of those pictures. Congrats on your engagement! Way to not mess around and just get to the point! Please tell me that you've heard "January Wedding" by the Avett Brothers. If not, check it. =]

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you guys are seriously SO adorable! You can look at a picture of a couple and see their chemistry. That's what happens when I look at yours :)
I love your blog, by the way. You're too adorable! I'm your newest follower.

xo, Samantha

Anna said...

thanks, you guys! its so sweet to hear all the encouraging words!

jamie, yes...I love that song!!! so good. i love listening to it. it makes me all sappy. haha

samantha! so great to meet you on here! i look forward to checking out your blog. :)

NeedleandTwine said...

You two are so cute together!! I love all of these photos of you two. It's so fun looking back at old photos. So precious. Congratulations to you two! I'm so happy for you guys. I hope wedding planning has been fun and not too stressful!!

Bobbie said...

Ahhh just found your blog and i am so happy i did!
Your style is so cute and so is your love!
-B (your newest follower)