Thursday, September 22, 2011

In a month

A lot happens in one month! When you don't have internet in your house (except for one tiny little spot beside the washer and dryer that doesn't even have a very strong connection) its hard to get motivated to go somewhere just to post something on the old blog. 

But as I look through my calendar one month ago from today, I'm going to try to recall all the exciting things that have happened. And share a load of photos that have been taken during these weeks. 

First: I've been getting regular weekly massages. Ahhhh. SO nice. But not because I've just got extra moolah to whip way. I took a couple photo shoots for my friend Kristin, who happens to be a massage therapist. We thought bartering was a great idea. 

Second: I started choreographing a musical in Marshfield. This year they're performing Nunsense....and, oh my, it will be hilarious. The weekly trips out to Marshfield have enabled me to get free dinner and ice cream with the parents here and there. Definitely can not complain about that!

Third: My brother got shot. He's okay! It was an accident and a complete miracle. My dad wrote a blog post about it (it will probably make you cry). You can read more about it here

Forth: My roommate Haley and I have begun the search for a new apartment. Oh boy. Yes, we just moved in about 3 months ago and its not fun to be thinking about moving again, but I would rather move than live in an upstairs apartment that is smoke-filled from the downstairs neighbors and their bad habits. Our landlord was gracious enough to understand our situation and is letting us out of our lease. Thank you, Lord! 

Fifth: My friend Megan had an amazing idea to start a female friendly bike riding group in Springfield! Brilliant. We'll be blogging about our girl-friendly biking at WhimCycle Cylcling. So fun!

Lastly! I've had like a zillion photo shoots it seems like! Here are a few photos from those:

I also took photos of a wedding. Those aren't quite finished, but I will share soon! 
To bring things full circle, here are some photos from this no make-up, rainy morning at the Hub. 

That's my new (really old) french horn. Isaac and I are working on some music. Maybe I'll do some sharing of that soonish. Oh and Isaac shaved his head. Ah! 

Hope you all have a lovely, rainy day (Springfieldians). 


Jamie said...

You are SO awesome! I love all of these pictures! The older couples are SO sweet! I'm off to go read about your brother getting shot. I'm glad he's okay! <3

Kristin Marshall said...

Love the pics, Anna. :)

Anna Lee said...

thank you! and i love your blog, Kristen! and your video! that was so great!