Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey guys!

I know Haley has updated you with some pictures of our new apartment, but I'm going to post pictures too!   And the house is ever-changing, so I'm sure we'll consistently be letting you know how cute it looks...I know you're dying to see every little thing we change, right? Right.

Those frames are my spray paint projects for this week! Along with some outdoor stools that I found at STD east for $2!! I'm painting the stools red. I thought my porch could use some color!

 Garage sales have been my best friend lately. So many great finds! Including those frames and the gold floor lamp. The best ever! Got some great stuff this morning at an estate sale. Pictures soooooon!

Here's some goofiness from a couple weeks ago...

Get a bubble mirror. You'll never be bored! 

And some night time experimental photos from the front porch...

...and last but definitely not least, my beautiful friend Lesley and little Ellie inside her tummy.

Off to buy some new shoes for my friend's wedding I'm in next weekend (yay for excuses to buy new shoes!), hang with the boy tonight, and then finalize last few plans for the bachelorette party tomorrow night! Wooo, weekend! 

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