Saturday, April 2, 2011


Photos from yesterday:

What Anna wore, 
and then lovely faces from the boyfriend! Get excited.

Hang time at The Hub!
 Oh, this handsome boy. He steals my heart. 
 ...this is Isaac's Amish look.
 So enthused about his lovely picture taking abilities.

 Best boy ever. 
He makes me laugh. 
A lot. 
I love him so much!!

(also, thanks Kevin Cott for being our awesome photographer for a few minutes. he's an awesome musician. go "like" him on facebook!)


Haley Galloway said...

Envying your hair! I'm convinced you couldn't get any prettier!

Chelsea said...

LOVE your hair and that bow shirt. you guys are super cute btw!

happy weekend.

Anna Lee said...

thank you! you guys are too sweet. :)

Chris and Ashley said...

It was so good to run into you last weekend at Relics. Cute as always =)

Heidi said...

You guys are too cute!

Leeamarie said...

aw this makes me miss you :)